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About Rolling Hills Radio

Rolling Hills Radio, a creation of executive producer/host Ken Hardley, is an on-going series featuring live musical performances from national and internationally recognized artists exploring, celebrating, and performing grassroots Americana music. It is recorded in front of a live audience, combining the ambience of a radio show from the middle of the last century with the intimate appeal of a small club setting.

Ken Hardley

Host Ken Hardley is a musician, entertainer, traveler, and socialite from Upstate New York.  A lifetime dedicated to restless exploration of a variety of literary and musical mediums results in Hardley’s unique perspective.  As an interviewer and producer, his vision is one of erstwhile literacy, love of art in all its forms, and curiosity about the human condition.  This, all tempered with his habitual less-than-fully serious and somewhat bemused demeanor, creates an atmosphere that can be unpredictable, cerebral, wry, edgy, and warm.    

Our Team

Ken Hardley

Executive Producer/Host

Cathie Hardley


Jim Goodling

Administrative Director

Steve Chapel

Audio Director

Julia Ciesla-Hanley


Brianne Fadale

Stage Manager/Co-writer

Dick Gould

Assistant Director

Lori Savaree


Tom Fadale


Nicole Chapel

Audio Support

Kathy Bertolini

Publicity Support

Susan George


Kranky Plate Productions

Kipp Reynolds

Video Director

Drew Emerling

Photography Support

Eileen Goodling


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